Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy Bee

This July has been one crazy busy month for me and it now extends into the first half of August, but at least the "busyness" has been of the good variety. I have been so blessed even amidst driving a lot of miles, to spend time with some amazing people and get to lead worship at different churches and venues and God has done some amazing things as he always tends to do. This past weekend I left Rome on Friday and drove to Athens so spend time with some people that I not only call friends, but are really more like brothers and sisters including Erin, Michelle, Evie and Vic. We hung out, ate dinner downtown, and had one of our legendary jam sessions and it was just a really sweet time. I love and miss those guys very much and felt truly blessed to get to spend time with them for a few hours. I drove to Conyers later that night to my parents house and spent the weekend with them and also got to see one of my best friends, Aaron and his new fiancee Meredith. Brittany and I are very happy for the two of them and can't wait to be a part of their wedding.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity once again to lead worship at my home church. I go even express how incredibly blessed I am to get to come back to the church that has meant so much to me. I started going there with my family when I was in 3rd grade and there are still many people in the church body that I have known for so many years and they all mean so much to me. God really moved in the morning services and I feel that people truly felt His presence and responded authentically to the greatness of His glory. Some of you are probably thinking.....where was Brittany? Well, she had another good friend, Mandy Massingill come into town from doing ministry work in Mexico and their women's bible study group got together and had a good time. Brittany also had several things to do around the house the rest of the weekend and got a lot done, although she was missed very much.

This weekend I am heading to Buckhead to run sound and help lead worship for the Youth For Christ Conference which has people from all over the Southeast coming together so that should be really cool. More info to come later in another post. For now, here are some pictures from the weekend for your enjoyment. Give us feedback in a comment and tell us what you think about our blog. Take care and God bless.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Times with Great Friends

Sorry it has been a while since our last post, but we haven't exactly had the most free time in the world the last two weeks so I will try and catch everything up with this one. Brittany just finished her summer semester of classes for Grad School this past week. She got A's in all three classes, which comes as no surprise. She absolutely worked her tail off for 6 weeks with so much work and class time, but it paid off in the end with her grades and now she can graduate next May rather than have to take an extra class next summer so I am so proud of her. She has an amazing work ethic and I don't think I could have handled what she did nearly in the same fashion.

As for me, I spent last weekend up in Charlotte, NC with my best friend Vic just hanging out, playing music and then we lead worship together at his church that Sunday morning. It was totally worth the drive up there getting to spend some good time with Vic since I don't get to see him very often anymore and we always enjoy worship together so I was blessed to have been a part of that and we got to eat lunch with another good friend, Josh Davis that Saturday which was great.
This past week it was more of the good times with great friends. Kirk Warmerdam, another great friend and groomsmen in our wedding came into town Wednesday night from California and stayed through Sunday. Also, Christina Lynn and Rachel McLemore stayed with us and we all had a blast. Yes, we had 5 people staying in our two bedroom apartment, but we made it work. We played about 6 hours of volleyball, 3 hours of disc golf, had my concert Friday night (more info in a second), and also had some movie/game time in there as well. Let's just say we packed a lot of activities into a long weekend and it was awesome. We are very blessed to have great friends and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend.

I played a concert as most of you know Friday night at the Nest. It was fun because there was a full band with me including Michael Smith on bass, Tribb Robison on drums, Brandon Trapp on electric and Carrie Pinckard on vocals. The only problem was there was a mixup on the time so we didn't get to play until 10:00pm that night. However, there was still a great turnout with around 50-60 people there at the start of the show and because of being so late, we were down to about 20 at the end, but still it was an awesome time and a lot of fun. My parents and brother drove up from Conyers just for the show and then drove all the way back and that meant a lot to have them there, especially on my Mom's birthday when she could have been doing something else so to my family: I love you and appreciate you. Videos/pictures of the concert will come later so stay tuned.

This week should be a little more calm. Brittany has about 2 weeks to relax and rest before pre-planning for school starts and although I have to work, this week doesn't look to be too busy. I am driving to Conyers this weekend to lead worship at my home church, Rockdale Baptist, so that should be a lot of fun although I will miss my wife a ton as she will not be able to come. A good friend of hers, Mandy Massingill is coming into town for some fun with the girls' Bible study so I'm excited they will have that time together. Well, that should just about sum it up. Let us know what you think about our blog by leaving a comment. Take care and God bless!

Hayes Party of Two

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Experience at the Braves Game :)

So, I know that I went to the Braves game to #1 see Chris sing the National Anthem and #2 see the game, but I found another reason to have fun at the game!!! I played a lot with this little friend! :)

~ B Hayes

Rome Braves and Independence Day

I had the chance to sing the National Anthem at the Rome Braves game this past Thursday, July 2nd. It was a neat experience and I guess I would even have to admit that I did okay. My family and some other good friends were there to support me and even though there were not a huge number of fans at the game, it was still a lot of fun. We did catch it on video for your enjoyment although it was from my crappy digital camera so the quality is not great, but you get the idea nonetheless.

This weekend marks the only weekend this whole month that I don't have a lot of things to do. In fact, only one other weekend this month will I even be in town so Brittany and I decided to just enjoy each other's company this weekend and do some married things. We went to a movie last night and since we saw Transformers 2 last time, it was time for a chick flick so we saw The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Although very predictable for a girl movie, I have to admit it was really funny and I enjoyed it. Afterwards we came home and made some pigs in the blanket and ate some other snack foods and just took it easy.

Saturday was about the most uneventful day we could ever have, but I have to admit it was nice to simply sleep in late and do nothing at all for the day. Brittany had some school work to do, but other than that, it was a nice day of rest. Don't worry, we'll still watch the fireworks once they start and enjoy the holiday traditions. I'm not sure who decided that a good way to celebrate our nation's birthday is to blow things up, but I applaud them.

Lastly, a shameless plug, which I will continue to repeat on every post for the next two weeks. I am playing a concert downtown Rome at The Nest on July 17th. I'll be playing with a full band and also doing a few originals by myself and will cover a large spectrum of musical genres, but I can promise it's going to be a lot of fun for everyone. The show is from 9-11pm and it's a Friday night so come on out and join us there!

Hayes Party of Two