Monday, May 10, 2010

The Long Road is Over

I realize the last several posts have been predominately about me and my new job and things of that nature. Well, this post has absolutely nothing to do with me and that is the way I like it. My beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, captivating, motivated, organized, over-achiever, loving, sweet, cute, perfect-for-me wife graduated from Berry's Grad School program yesterday with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. Not only did she do that, but she graduates from a very prestigious institution with a 3.88 GPA only having made one B during her 5 semesters of Grad School classes. Ten out of her eleven classes resulted in A's. That B came because her professor told the class they would only have to study from their notes and that the tests would consist only of things discussed in class. Then the professor gave a test covering nothing that was taught in class or in their notes and that one grade kept her from getting an A that she actually deserved. She graduates with a membership in a big time Honor's Society as well. The most incredible accomplishment may be the fact that she did all of this while teaching full time and by helping lead the children's ministry at our church. This woman hardly had any free time to herself the last two years including having to take 6 weeks of classes last summer. She spent most evenings having to grade papers, do homework, read, do lesson plans, study, write papers along with helping to take care of me, keep a good home and so many other amazing things that she does. To say that she earned this incredible feat is a huge understatement.

I am so proud of her that I cannot put it into words well enough to capture my true joy and pride to be her husband. My wife strives for excellence in everything she does. She never accepts a challenge or does anything without giving her very all and doing the best she can. She also is the most honest person of great integrity that I know and she challenges me to be a better person. Those children who come into her classroom have no idea how much she cares about them and how hard she works to give them the best education she possibly can and they are extremely blessed to have her as a teacher. She can finally relax some this summer and sleep in, read books, go swimming, work around the house, spend time doing things that she loves to do and really do whatever she wants. I promised her I would not make her do anything that she doesn't want to do this summer.

Brittany is my treasure and I love her with all that I am. I am so grateful that the Lord has put her in my life and I cannot wait to see what he has planned for our future together. I am excited to see how God continues to grow her and draw her closer to him. God is good and he is sovereign and faithful. My wife is my truest puzzle piece that fits me perfectly and fills in every hole that I have and that is not be accident. She is a gift from God and I enjoy spending my life glorifying God first and loving, leading and serving my wife a close second only to Christ.

Here are some pictures of Graduation Day.
May 8, 2010
Berry College

Hayes Party of Two